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About us

About us

In Ha'Yarkon Street in Tel Aviv, a touch away from the sea,

lies the "Camellia" Studio- a boutique studio that specializes in capturing

the most beautiful and unique events.
The studio, which started it's path more than two decades ago, provides a wide variety of photography and editing services, including both video and stills shooting, film editing, clip directing, album design and more...
From the first day of it's establishment, the studio has accompanied complex and challenging events, which left their marks, and has become famous among many customers- both in Israel and around the world, who came to Israel to celebrate or asked the studio's staff to document their happiness overseas.
The skilled studio staff, for whom photography is not only a mere job, but a work of art and craftsmanship, declared a principle of excellence in original and creative thinking, always emphasize every single detail, while creating a pleasant, positive and peaceful atmosphere. As one of the leading companies in the field, "Camellia" Studio is constantly innovating and familiarizing itself with the newest technologies in the industry. The studio was the first to use hover-cranes, the first to offer its customers digital albums, and continues, carefully and professionally, to pave the way, and lead the photography industry. When customers are satisfied, and the event are engraved in memory- we know we had succeeded.

Boutique events

are our specialty

A team of skilled

photography experts

Over 20 years

of Excellence


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